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B442 Meg King Bedroom Set

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Product Care information

Taking care of furniture and upholstery involves several practices to maintain their appearance, functionality, and longevity. Here's a guide on how to take care of various types of furniture and upholstery:

General Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and vacuum furniture regularly to prevent dirt from building up. Use a soft cloth or brush to avoid scratching surfaces.
  2. Immediate Spill Response: Clean spills immediately to prevent stains. Use a clean cloth to blot spills gently; never rub as it can push the stain deeper into the fabric.

Wood Furniture

  1. Dusting: Dust wood furniture frequently with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Cleaning: Clean using a damp cloth and mild soap. Dry immediately with a second cloth to prevent water damage.
  3. Polishing: Apply furniture polish every few months to enhance the shine and protect the finish. Be sure to use a polish appropriate for the type of wood and finish.
  4. Avoid Heat and Light: Keep wooden furniture away from direct sunlight and heating sources to prevent fading and cracking.

Upholstered Furniture

  1. Vacuuming: Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. This should be done weekly.
  2. Spot Cleaning: For stains, use a cleaner appropriate for the fabric type. Always test the cleaner on a hidden area first.
  3. Professional Cleaning: Depending on use, have upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 1-2 years.

Leather Furniture

  1. Regular Dusting and Vacuuming: Use a soft cloth or brush to keep leather dust-free.
  2. Conditioning: Apply a leather conditioner a few times a year to keep the leather soft and prevent cracking.
  3. Spills: Wipe up spills immediately with a clean cloth. For tougher stains, use a solution of mild soap and water, rinse, and dry off completely.

Metal Furniture

  1. Wipe Down Regularly: Use a clean, dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation.
  2. Rust Prevention: If metal furniture is used outdoors, apply a coat of protective finish to prevent rust.
  3. Touch-Ups: Use paint or a metal-specific product to touch up any chips or scratches to prevent further damage.

Maintenance Habits

  • Reposition Furniture Periodically: Especially for furniture near windows, rotate or reposition to ensure even exposure to light and wear.
  • Use Protective Pads: On the bottoms of items that rest on furniture surfaces to prevent scratches.
  • Check and Tighten Fasteners: Periodically inspect and tighten the bolts and screws on all furniture to ensure stability.

Following these guidelines will help keep your furniture looking new and extend its life, whether it's your favorite wooden chair, a plush sofa, or a metal outdoor set


Item: B442

Color: Dark Grey/Black


LED Padded PU Headboard


*LED Mirror 

*Storage Footboard


Threshold Delivery
$69 (Applies to Texas areas like Houston, Austin, DFW, and San Antonio).
* Please note that assembly and trash removal service is not included in this option. 
Room of Choice Delivery
$99 (Applies to Texas areas like Houston, Austin, DFW, and San Antonio)
* Please Note : This service includes delivering your furniture to a room of your choice within your home. Assembly is not included.
White Glove Delivery

$149 (Available in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas).

* We'll professionally unpack and assemble your furniture, placing it exactly where you want it.

Curbside Delivery

$299 We’ll bring your delivery to the curb at the end of your driveway. It's important to note that this service is limited to delivery only and does not include the removal of packaging, assembly, or setup of your items.


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New Era Innovations

B442 Meg King Bedroom Set

From $17999 $39999

Item: B442

Color: Dark Grey/Black


LED Padded PU Headboard


*LED Mirror 

*Storage Footboard


  • 4pcs King bedroom set (king bed/dresser/mirror/nightstand/)
  • Nightstand
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